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          BRIGHT-GRIPS"A lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path"     

Bright-Grips!  The LED utility for Electrician 

                       I recall working downtown during 9/11 with our Sister Local, BM designated a few of us to help out, from 9/26/ to 11/7/01.                                      Mostly office renovations for survivors of that cowardly Terror attack on our Country and Flag .                                                                                                        Those Twin Towers were knocked down by the cowards. Our City Locaworked at Ground Zero.Travelers from Every                   

                 State in the Union  were blocks North and around the City. Myself, It was  Electric Closets & Panel dressings; Bloomberg Properties. 

                      Again, I thought to myself, "If I only had Lights on my Lineman Pliers". Restoring power and Lighting was our primary mission .

                 Most people try an remember their whereabouts Minutes Before and Minutes Afterwards, the Tragic day we lost most our Freedoms. 

                 I struggle trying to Forget about the Terrorist Act from Cowards .