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Occupational health & safety administration (OSHA)*


*Do not increase a pliers handle length to gain more leverage, instead choose larger sized pliers

*Never subject pliers to temperatures that could decrease tool hardness

*Cut hardened wire only with pliers designed for that purpose

*Do not substitute pliers for a wrench when turning nuts and bolts

*Be sure the pliers' jaws can grasp properly when bending rigid wire

*Do not hammer with pair of pliers

*Cut wire at right angles without bending wire back and forth against the cutting edge of a pliers

*Always use non-sparking pliers when in the presence of to visitors.

**Lineman Pliers daily wiring task puts drain on LED shine. 

Replace disposable CR2032 Cell.

Instructions below!

      Enjoy bright LED illumination again!  

LED accessory device

rear drawer bolt-on access. 

CR2032 Cell 

A  Phillip's head bolts-on cell drawer. when led shine runs flat. replace disposable cell with a new one.

enjoy wiring again!

Bright-Grips! Are designed to eliminate noisy gas emissions generators from homes or business providing light during electrical services, construction or repair, during same period. 

Bright-Grips! Provides electrical installers safe, efficient, LED energy saver bright illumination, simultaneously as he or she restores power, for putting the lights back on. Construction managers and General Contractors. Do you require your wiremen to have Lighted Lineman Pliers on jobsites? And if not, Why not? Demand Bright-Grips! when wiring on worksite. Save lives and ER visits. "A lamp unto my path, A light unto my feet." Bright-Grips!

Jeweler's screwdriver for access

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