Unique Electrical Concept & Designs Inc.

          BRIGHT-GRIPS"A lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path"     


            Lighted Lineman Pliers

Tradesmen travel from job to job and site to site.

Travel modes vary from project to project.

Crew sizes will also adjust from full down to finish.

  After 37 years of Electrical work world wide with United States Navy

from 1981; U.S. Marine Barracks Rota, Spain or aboard USS Forrestal 

And USS Saratoga, off the coast of Tripoli's. 

Marine Barracks Bombing of 246 Marines in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982-1983.

My Life was changed, but my heart remains.  

Fact is Electricity flows - to + in D.C. Circuits

And alternates from + to - reversing it's reference for power generation of 

A.C. Power distribution systems.

  Tools are essential in any trade or profession. Whether a #2 Lead Pencil for doing

Bid Take-Offs of Plans and Specs or just the eraser for correcting the numbers.

Workers simply can not work without tools.

From the depths of Israel's Suez Canal at 75ft. To the Freedom Towers of Manhattan 1712 foot towers. Tradesmen used tools to get the job done.

Ahoy! to the Tradesmen, your most important tool is Sight for Safety & Vision. The most important tool is Light in Navigation.